We don’t like to compromise. Rancher’s supply the very fruits with the best taste and nutrition qualities. Rancher’s are raw, have no sugar added and preserve the flavor and nutrients found in fresh fruit. They are good for adults, kids, clerks, athletes, superheroes and everyone else.
How is it possible? Our secret lies in freeze drying
Today our Ranch has 6 amazing members: apple, banana, grape, mango, pineapple and strawberry. We've tasted plenty of fruits from different countries and regions in order to select the tastiest and highest quality fruits for our products.
Each fruit is exclusive by its origin: if the best mangoes grow in Thailand, we get them there, if the Chile has the sweetest strawberries, we go and pick them up.

Freeze drying process…

• Freshly picked. Natural fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness.
• Sliced. The fruits are further processed (sliced, diced, etc.) and loaded into special trays.
• Frozen while leaving its best. A special freezing chamber cools the fruits to temperatures as low as -35°C before loading into the drying chambers.
• Dried while getting out all the water. Fruits are placed into a vacuum chamber where deep frozen water, in the absence of pressure, passes from its solid phase (ice) to its gaseous phase (water vapor) without transitioning to water.
• The crunchy bite finds its way to your mouth. Freeze-dried fruits regain their original fresh flavor, aroma, texture and appearance. The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Eating habits are changing as well: the customers not only want tasty, quick and convenient snack on the go, but they also look for more healthy and nutritious choices.

What kind of snack is Ranchers?

• Amazing taste (made from the freshest fruits of highest quality)
• Convenient to eat on the go
• 100% natural and free of GMO, colourants, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten
• Healthy, nutritious, fortified with vitamins and minerals • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Consistent (always the same good and unforgettable taste)