ProduCT new whites


This is what it's made of:

94% fully cooked egg whites, a dash of salt and some water.  

This is why it's good for you:

Rich in protein, nutritious, no artificial substances, preservatives, colorants or flavourings. No chemicals, no gluten, no GMO's and it's lactose free. Here's the breakdown: 100 grams contains 11,6 grams of protein, no fat, and only 55 calories.

This is why it's delicious

It's got substance, a bit like meat! It absorbs flavours and can be transformed into a truly tasty dish. Slice it on bread; cube it in salad, pasta or noodles; add it to a savoury pastry or soup; turn it into a curry; the possibilities are endless. It's also a great substitute for cheese. In stead of a high calorie dessert, serve it with fruit.

Weight loss

It has a high nutrient content and can easily be adapted to various recipes. Whichever way you choose to use it, it will leave you satiated yet still full of energy.

Diabetes and allergies

Here's the good news. It's safe for diabetics since it contains no added sugar. It's completely natural and hence lactose intolerant sufferers can rest assured. In fact, New Whites can be included in most special diets. See Why it's good for you above.

Nursing mothers

You want to do what's best for your baby. You'll find many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances in this food source, necessary for a thriving baby. Meet your daily protein intake with 94% chicken egg whites, exactly what New Whites contains.